Friday, September 20, 2013

The Running Mathematician

Tarun was a brilliant mathematician. He believed in Pythagoras theorem and told himself that eyes, ears, hands, legs can be made to or already obeys Pythagoras laws. He claimed to his near relatives that he can see the Pauli exclusion principle to the maximum. He was laughed at by them but he kept believing in this theory.
One of his friend Shankar said that light was everything. Everyone was attracted to light and light is what matters. To Tarun however, light was only 3.8 x 10^8 m/s.
Tarun was always sidelined by people who mattered. He never could understand this. He thought that the world is fair and even handed. He also believed in black and white principle of China. Then he realised that people were scared to call the world fair and started thinking using grey cells(black and white combined).
Then he started thinking about change in velocity. The acceleration part. Why people wanted to be slow and steady? He could not find an answer to this. He thought let me jog everyday and try to find an answer to this.
He is waiting for an answer . . .



  1. excellent
    just thinking no answer

  2. Adipose fat is difficult to get rid of. I read that other type of fats become energy due to two types of hormone. Adipose reacts only with one hormone. And that too this hormone is less reactive.
    If you jog at slow speed even for longer hours, adipose may not melt. What is needed is jogging at faster speed for longer time with craving for food and energy in your mind. Only this may melt your adipose over a few weeks.

  3. The above reality view should not discourage motivated joggers.
    Yesterday I was comfortable at 8.4 kmph for 30 minutes. I finished 5 km in 37 minutes. I felt I could go more.
    You will see my comment in a near future that I have completed 10 km in an hour.
    I am seriously planning to activate Jogger app and let my performance be visible over internet.

  4. It will be wrong to use blogger as a database for my jogging statistics.
    I am currently reading "Running with a mind of meditation" by Sakyong Mipham.
    A fantastic book which gives oriental philosophy of both meditation and running. Sakyong Mipham is a Buddhist monk and has completed many marathons at an acceptable speed. Possibly about 15 kmph. For more than 2 hours.
    Currently the world record for marathon is 2 hours 3 minutes. 20 kmph speed.

  5. Great to know that you jog regularly. I am relatively lazy as I only walk for 30-45 min everyday. I think I need to get more serious about solid exercise to keep fit.

    Destination Infinity

  6. Stephen Hawking writes that human can be completely explained by electro magnetic force.