Friday, December 7, 2012

Windows 8

I have upgraded my laptop to Windows 8.
Microsoft claims the software will get installed in 30 minutes or so. But it took me 5 hours. The reason could be that my laptop had proprietary software like face recognition and other Dell software. These were not removed when Windows 8 was installed. They now work in conjunction with Windows 8. 30 minutes installation time must be on a machine with pure Windows 7.
What is Windows 8 about? It is mainly about all your social accounts at one place. It is also about an excellent interface called Metro Apps. It is also about promotion of Microsoft products like Messenger, Calendar, Finance etc.
I was finding it difficult to read my blogs and other blogs I follow at one place. There did not seem to be any Metro UI for this. After about 3 days, I managed to find the right Metro app. News Bento App for Windows 8. This app supports google reader.
So finally I am well settled with my laptop configured with applications of my realm of interest. Books, news, blogs, games and social communication apps.


  1. yes metro style is differs lot from win 7 or xp

  2. Thanks, SM.
    There are problems with Windows 8 also. Maybe it will get better as time progresses.

  3. nice review interesting...


  4. I use Linux Mint & Ubuntu. I have been with Linux for the last 3 years and I find it sufficient for most of my applications. I have one problem though - My 3G Dongle doesn't connect with the version of Linux I have. So, if I buy another laptop it will most probably be Win8/Linux Mint dual-boot system.

    I like the user interface of Win8. I guess it will take some time to get used to it, through. I don't like the concept of working with IE. I hope Firefox/Chrome will come for Win8 soon.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Thanks, Destination Infinity.
    Chrome for Win 8 is available, I think.

  6. My phone had Windows 7. The tiles had two sizes only.
    Windows announced Windows 7.8 by Feb end for Nokia 510. I was getting impatient for the three sizes of tiles.
    I went to Nokia service centre and got my software upgraded.
    The three sizes are necessary for more information in one screen.