Sunday, December 16, 2012

Doomsday - December 21, 2012

The Mayan calendar does not have a date beyond December 21,2012.
People all over, hear the rumours of the end of world. Will the world end?
Now consider a sample astrological prediction."If you go in a crowded bus, you may meet with an accident". How far is this statement accurate? Logically it has ifs and mays. If you go in a crowded bus. Remember only crowded not empty. Ok. Then what will happen? You may meet with an accident. Again may here.
The probability of accident happening is nearly same as the statistical accident data. So astrological prediction do not mean a thing.
Coming back to Doomsday prediction, there must have been some basis for the calendar of Mayans. Some beliefs. Based on these beliefs the calendar must have been made. I do not wish to state that these beliefs are wrong. But wish to say that people have changed a lot. Most of the beliefs may not be applicable today.
If we look at it closely and think, then we can appreciate that some of the countries' can go for war anytime. This is no prediction. But actual reality. This may happen anytime.
The probability of Doomsday matches with the probability of triggering of a war. So in real terms, the Doomsday prediction should not mean anything significant. Only that Mayans were correct in understanding the way time will change.


  1. yes may and if can not be termed as future predictions, its just a like gambling
    or right guess about future.

  2. Made a lot of sacrifices because opportunities kept slipping out of hand. Now gambling is last resort.

  3. I think Mayans did not predict anything. It was our wrong interpretation.

    Destination Infinity