Saturday, December 29, 2012

If Only I Had Cut That Article . . .

The other day I saw pamphlets in my newspaper, Hindustan Times. I quickly kept the needy ones like discounts in kirana stores, local Chinese restaurant and rejected most of the others.
I wish I had this acumen earlier. There were so many articles that were worth cutting and keeping. In Hindustan Times(HT). One was on KK Birla, the founder of HT. There was a series of articles continued for months. This was worth keeping. Mr.Birla was easily the most widely regarded businessman in India. Incidentally my father served in a Marwari organization. My father worked with JK group. Singhanias were the owners. So right from my childhood I was curious about rich people. About their lives. Their secrets of success. And the article on KK Birla gave a lot of insight on his persona. The lesson learnt was give attention to small details. I read in Business India, Shri Hari Shankar Singhnia commenting that India should have promoted entrepreneurship in a big way. He is right. Especially young men who are "destined" to lead a free life should take up entrepreneurship. But I went on to join a PSU. The factories impressed me.
Another article that was worth keeping from HT was the series on music directors. Lengthy articles on the lives of famous music directors. And of course the famous Khushwant Singh columns "With Malice Towards One And All".
I have learnt that rejection is a good policy for leading a life. You have to be choosy and reject what is unwanted strongly.

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