Saturday, February 10, 2018

#PythaShastri appreciates Madhava of Sangamagrama


  1. I understood the e and cosines and sines today.
    I have rediscovered it by my 3, 2 to 4,5 thing.

  2. I have understood the very basic of numbers, e, cos and sine.
    My road ahead is French math.
    I shall order the book on Fourier (my favorite) immediately and get into very basics of it.

  3. For some reasons I am unable to purchase the book I wanted on Fourier.
    I shall read from the net.

  4. So, that's it folks.
    I have shared my thoughts on numbers, e,cos and sine.
    The road ahead is periodic. Fourier.
    I shall learn from the net.
    I shall keep posted if something significant crops up.