Friday, February 2, 2018

More on #PythaShastri

Is #PythaShastri original ?
No, #PythaShastri is not original. All of the ideas are already talked about and written about by mathematicians. Euler, Madhava of Sangamagrama, Vacca and others.

So #PythaShastri is not original?
As written #PythaShastri isn't. However, #PythaShastri is genuine.

By genuine, I mean something like; an angle can be looked at in two ways. One will say acute. Others may say an obtuse angle. Both are right. Both the answers are genuine. And correct.

I just looked at certain things in numbers (and only numbers; not calculus; not algebra etc.) in one way and expressed them.

I believe, I have another expression for gamma inspired on the formula by Polka. However, I am not publishing the expression on Blogspot.

I think the scope for #PythaShastri is over now. These are the things that could possibly be done with numbers.

Goodbye, #PythaShastri. At least in the near future.

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