Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Vilvam tree

Vilvam tree has been associated with Sivaratri for ages. It is called bael tree in Hindi. Sivaratri is Maha- Shivratri in Hindi.
The leaves of this tree is fascinating and a typical twig has a leaf at the end and two leaves in the lower part. There are many twigs in a branch. The best way to represent this would be 1/2. But as leaves are at different heights, a better way to represent the leaves of a Vilvam tree would be a continued fraction.
The continued fraction is (1,1,2,1,2,1,2,1 . . . . . .)[Please see, study and learn continued fractions].
This is nothing but √2. Amazing !! Isn't it ?
The greatest ever, the best so far and the magnificent √2 is represented by Vilvam tree.
The tree teaches us many things. Firstly, the importance of continued fractions. How to represent? No point in counting leaves or height of tree. Just do this representation and you get a beautiful reply to a beautiful question. And both of them are questions. And both are answers.
If an enterprising man uses intelligence he can easily make 100 rupees per customer. 50 rupees for bael juice and 50 rupees for √2. Not a bad deal. 2000 rupees in a summer day(bael juice can be had only in summer).

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