Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ISO and Quality

The crux of ISO is the spin.
The crux of quality is the two hands, we have.
This is the way I think. My brain works this way. IIM guys, are these ideas good?
Then I make a statement for ISO. For myself. The statement is "I shall contribute to my organisation in software". 
The order is therefore:-
1) Context. Software it is.
2) Leadership. Software because I am good in it.
3) Planning. I make plans. SAP solutions.
4) Support. I expect support for my plans.
5) Operation. If supported, the steps. If not, the steps.
6) Performance Evaluation.
7) Improvement.
Each of these 7 points follow a spin pattern (Hats off Europe. And apologies.). The x axis which is what you do. The y axis which is what to do to create harmony. The -x axis is improvement. Negative because you need improvement. Possibly, what you do is not correct. Against x.
About the quality, it is Pythagoras and Fibonacci, as expressed by hands (Hats off Europe. And deep regrets.). Fingers and gaps.
The statement for quality is, "Survival of the fittest".
There are two methods in quality process of mine. First, product. Second, money.
I have developed on my quality policies a lot. Like importance of thumb. Importance of four fingers being together. Identifying gaps (Read, loopholes). Cost of gaps etc.
I am also making plans on writing a book on "Caricatures". I am confident the book will sell. These are my current plans.


  1. Though hands have a role in quality, I am not sure about quality management.

  2. Statement 1 - The thumb and other fingers
    The quality of a product at any stage is affected by one dominant factor and many non-dominant factors. It is necessary that the non-dominant factors are considered together to analyze the quality of the product.

  3. Statement 2 - The gaps
    The price of non-conformance of a product at any stage is however shared equally by the dominant as well as the non-dominant factors.

  4. Subject for caricature - dominant
    pencil, sharpener, eraser, paper - non-dominant

  5. If the subject is good , only then the caricature will be good. But you need pencil, sharpener, eraser, paper all to make it possible.

  6. But the caricature may fail due to subject, pencil, sharpener, eraser, paper; any of these.

  7. To me seems correct. But a personal quality policy. And not quality management.

  8. I felt the cube roots of unity equation.
    Similar to golden ratio equation.
    No I didn't get the fibonacci series.
    But I got 1, root 2, root 3, 2, root 5 right.
    It was great to be associated with Fibonacci. He is different.
    Pythagoras is old. But Greek. This may be wrong as well.
    But I saw in a square the famed equation. And rectangle can be many squares.
    I confess to have interfered in thoughts not mine.
    It was with the intention of sharing.
    I gave sargam. I gave dafli. We share vegetarian food. At international speed.

    1. Pythagoras law was an inference.It wasn't directly seen.

  9. Root 2 wasn't possible.
    a+b whole squared?

  10. a+b whole squared minus 2ab is c squared.

  11. There is one moe point in ISO.
    Subject, transitive verbs, intransitive verbs and objects are also an order in points of ISO.
    I am mad of European thoughts.
    My aim is to see original paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.