Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The case of Samir Sirohi

Samir Sirohi was lying dead in his bed. He was one of the richest man in his country and he had no sons or daughters. In fact he did not marry in his life. He had just one younger brother Saurab Sirohi.
Samir was poisoned, the doctors said. He had one known sworn enemy Lakhanpal Singh who was his rival businessman.
The police headed by Paul Rogers began to investigate and search the residence of Samir Sirohi. They found nothing incriminating. No documents, no poison bottle or anything. They enquired all the staff and Saurab too. But they did not get anything substantial. The police went back contemplating.
Two days later, Saurab rings Paul Rogers and enquires about the case. On knowing that the police were unable to go further, Saurab gets angry and asks Paul Rogers to make a more thorough search of the residence of Samir.
The police were in low morale and do as asked by Saurab. They search the residence of Samir again. This time they discover a letter written by Lakhanpal Singh to Samir Sirohi requesting Samir to allow Lakhanpal Singh to meet him.
Who killed Samir ?


  1. Most probably Saurab!

    Destination Infinity

  2. Excellent, DI.
    I also wanted to frame like that. But do not know to what extent I succeeded.

  3. need to write more facts to guess the killer
    He may have committed suicide third angal

  4. Ha ha ha!!
    I was thinking in logic file naming. We save a file as personal. txt. Next file as personal1.txt.
    Then we rename personal1.txt and personal2.txt. Is it not?
    I thought of making a puzzle on this.
    One must always save as personal1. txt in the first instance itself.

    1. yes it happens always and we keep improving