Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marathon 2015

I shall participate in a marathon in the year 2015. That is a promise I have made to myself.
I shall call myself ready if I manage to run at 12 kmph speed for 10 kms every alternate days regularly for 15 days. This will be my benchmark for participation.
As a first step, I have made plans to reduce my weight by 8%. This I shall do in 45 days.  I shall be also doing weight training with a aim to strengthen my muscles and make them efficient.
I also plan to improve my lung power by breath control exercises. I plan to close my nose and mouth for 1 - 2 minutes.
At home I am planning to include squats with 10kg pair dumbbells. I shall also do squat jumps.
As a mental relaxation and rhythm building, I shall do dafli playing for more duration. I shall sing a bit more loudly. I shall allow myself to be in dafli beats and singing to build rhythm.
Currently, I do 1 hour of gym everyday. I spend about 350 cal of energy. I have 4 slices of peanut spread bread for breakfast. 3 chappatis with vegetables for lunch. Two cups of rice with vegetables and yogurt at dinner. I have two protein drinks sessions.  I went out of control a little last week with festivals around. Now I am back with discipline.
Exercises include pec fly or chest press, shoulder lifts, Lateral Pull down, Leg curls lying or leg curls sitting, Abs pull down or abs exercises on decline bench, dumbbell biceps or dumbbell forearms. I also do two cardios for 15 minutes each.
I had stopped dumbbells at home. But I shall start them again soon. I shall also do foam rolling if needed.
I am not worried about energy during marathon. Because Energy Gel bars are normally made available on the way.


  1. good luck
    preparing in advance is good idea

  2. I shall participate in airtel marathon event that shall be conducted in 3rd week of November in Delhi.
    Before that I shall try running 10 kms at my comfortable speed for two times. If successful then I shall apply. There is an entry fee and I do not want to waste money if not feasible.

  3. I do weights in machines. I follow the "Training From Hell - 666 method" of www.bodybuilding.com. 6 sets of 6 reps in 6 minutes time.
    I do cardio 1 minute low level/slow pace, 2 minutes high level/high pace alternated technique.
    I am set now and am comfortable with this routine.

  4. Thanks to health band and internet(for calories in food) I now know that I normally undergo a deficit of 100 calories every day at the least.

  5. The funda for fat loss is deficit in calories. There is no law beyond this.
    But our body is extremely intelligent. Much more than we can perceive. If you reduce food it may reduce BMR.
    8% or 8kg weight reduction in fat requires 9000 x 8 =72000 calorie deficit. Let us say 600 days.
    But I hope to achieve it quickly because I shall be increasing my muscle size and muscle energy consumption also while maintaining and improving calorie deficit.