Monday, October 6, 2014

Half Forgotten Rail Journey

With flights available for travelling from one place to another, many upper middle class Indians have forgotten rail journeys. If not fully forgotten, at the least half forgotten.
It is said that if you get into bodybuilding, you forget the food you ate earlier, prior to bodybuilding. Also the image of your body in your mind is no longer the same. It changes and in my case I have half forgotten my earlier days.
Another point that I want to write about is of soy protein. Is it good? It is great to a very large extent. Especially for vegetarians and vegans. And for people who are not likely to be affected by claims that soy protein has compounds similar to estrogen and may cause "man boobs". Soy Protein, to vegans and vegetarians is absorbed by body just like any other routine food. A vegan or a vegetarian bodybuilder feels normal when having soy protein in a larger quantity.
Is soy protein as effective like Whey Protein? In my case, where I experience a little pain in muscle joint at the back side of knee area (calf muscle joint); I found Whey protein to be better and more soothing. Also I get better sleep on days I have Whey protein only.
I must also mention the importance of dal (pulses). For yoga enthusiasts and dieting individuals, dal is likely to be good. The aim here is not to build or develop muscles. But maintain health of internal organs like stomach, intestines etc. Dieting may cause repair of these organs and it is necessary to build them up. Dal and a glass of low fat milk is likely to act like a boon for them.
My aim is to make 12 kilometers per hour speed as my base speed( about 8 miles per hour). I manage to run at 10 kmph speed for 5 minutes at the max at present. I am more comfortable in elliptical and cycling. But it is cardio activity that inspires me more and my body feels at ease with speed activities. I do not like flexing and flaunting muscles. Maybe it is due to shyness.
But weight training is better for reducing body fat than cardio, as written in And maximizing strength to fat ratio is athleticism. But is there a role for strong arms and strong chest in running better ?



  1. I will probably stop gym in December 2014.
    I will do dumbbells at home and jogging, alternated every other day after December. I plan to take BCAA (Branched chain Amino Acids) and dal and milk and eggs. I may add in soya drink but in lesser quantity.
    This is because protein supplements are very costly.

  2. I shall try to answer the question I raised.
    Strong arms, chest, abs and back will mean efficient muscles. So they will process the blood flowing through them efficiently.
    Legs when working hard needs to process blood and use it faster and better. If arms were not strong they will be inefficient and they will also try to suck oxygen and nutrients from blood for no good reason. A strong arm muscle will be efficient and will not unnecessarily suck blood and nutrients. Result will be legs will get more oxygen and nutrients and energy.

  3. Getting even 100 g of high quality protein is tough.
    I have discovered the importance of dal. And it was felt reasonably good.
    I am planning to do away with supplements totally and rely on food made at home.

  4. Roasted peanuts and eggs are great sources of BCAA.
    I can have dal and milk and Complan and hope to maintain or maybe increase bulk in muscles because BCAA targets are fulfilled.

  5. 200gms of peanuts will give about 10gms of BCAA. And 49 gms of fat !!
    So not suitable.

  6. I shall not backup. I shall continue working out with supplements.
    If I strive I can do marathon at 11 kmph speed. The 10 km marathon which is conducted by corporates.
    Definitely my aim is to be like Milkha Singh. Not like Dara Singh.

  7. Some of the things needed to become a fast runner:-
    1) Using the Newton's force axes diagram, it can be concluded that a lighter body weight is better to run faster.
    2) Also the force during impact of feet on ground should be high. This calls for strong calf muscles and especially jerk proof fibers in calf muscles.
    3) Strong lungs and strong heart.
    4) Efficient body.