Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The role of a father

The other day I was going to the market. In front of me about 3 metres ahead was a couple walking holding the small hands of a child which was walking between them. The child was obviously the couples' child.
From the opposite side about 5m ahead an old man of about 65 years was walking towards the couple. The couple seemed to know the old man. The old man greeted the lady and did not look at the man. He said pleasant things to the lady and enquired about the health of the child. The lady seemed happy at the concern of the old man and replied back. Then the young man tried to break ice and talk with the old man. Again the old man ignored the young man and kept talking with the lady. The lady smiled and seemed to be thankful of the old man's concern.
I crossed these guys and went ahead to the market to buy my objects.
Then I thought about the whole thing. The couple, the child and the old man. A husband always has a view contrary to his wife. There may be some stupid exceptions !! If it is blue for him, it is red for her. If it is Shimla for him, it is Goa for her(holidays). And then if she wants to keep the child close to her, he would want the child to be independent. By default a mother would want the child close to her. So one may confidently conclude that the role of a father is to make the child independent. To be free. To fly in air. To explore. To discover.
That cleared a lot of rubbish from my mind. And hey . . . . what about the old man? He is just a onlooker ensuring that the roles of the father and mother is maintained properly or not.


  1. Some fathers are different...while I am okay with children discovering their wings, my husband cant let go of them.