Monday, October 22, 2012

Petrol for Military Vehicles

The other day I was going to my office in car. My car was getting filled with petrol. On the other side I saw a military car filling up petrol.
Immediately a thought came to my mind. Do military men get allowance for petrol or do they fill from their salary? Then I consoled myself with the thought that oil from Bombay High is used for filling up military vehicles. Of course, imported oil may be used but accounting can be managed with Bombay High output.
Then I switched my thought and wondered how money works. I always read Richie Rich and was impressed with photos of money and cartoons showing man with bulging pockets filled with hot crispy cash. Smells fresh !!
Well, upar wala jab deta hai to chappar phad ke deta hai. This is the truth for money. Personal accounting and being a self cop never really works when it comes to briefcases stuffed with cash.
I believe everyone gets one opportunity to get lucky and become filthy rich with all the fingers having rings of diamond. But my opportunity has gone. I know it from my heart.
Never mind, I consoled myself. Work hard and keep taking in instalments the way they do it now. It is also safe for me.


  1. The people who become filthy rich are strangely focused on how to make even more rich and not how to enjoy what they already have (in excess)!! I find this pretty silly.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Financial system, now, in the country is pretty messed up. Now, RBI refuses to align with Finance minister.
    Thanks for your comment, Destination Infinity.