Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pirated audio CDs.

I run errands for my house almost everyday to buy some thing or the other. Most of the daily needs are met in a shopping complex near our flats. Somedays I go to the main Central market.
About three days back I went to the Central market. The market has shops for supplying all the needs of a modern consumer. In the pavements there are pirated audio,video CDs sellers.
I normally look out for audio CDs. And I do not hesitate in buying the latest dump of Hindi film songs combined in one CD and priced for 50 odd rupees.
I had been buying this audio CDs for quite some time. I then copy these songs in my PC. And then from these songs, I move selected ones to another directory.
For the last two years I was looking out for Jatin Lalit collection. I could not get them. I got Shahrukh Khan hits, Aamir Khan hits (which had a good collection of Jatin Lalit songs) but not specific Jatin Lalit songs.
Three days back I managed to get specific Jatin Lalit songs, with the title Jatin Lalit hits. It had songs from about 20 movies of them.
What made me think is that till two years back the pirates of audio did not have the guts to bring a Jatin Lalit CD. But today they have. This definitely gives an indication that music before 2000 is a history. And the pirates have managed to break into the empire of the last Sultans(Jatin Lalit) of 20th century.
A fine collection of songs which I can now hear whenever I please. Thanks to the piracy !!