Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crowd management

Crowds, traffic jams, queues are a common phenomenon for an Indian living in a city.
The other day the traffic signals at an important junction went off at peak time. It was a cross-section of roads and did not have traffic police nearby. Such occurences do happen in cities, though most of the cross-sections do have traffic policeman nearby.
The chaos was tremendous. Everybody wanted to get out of the jam quickly and thought he was doing the right thing by moving ahead at a specific time and others were not cooperating.
I thought about this problem and tried to find a solution. The solution or the law (Ha !! Ha !!) I thought was " If the distance between you and the car in front of you is equal to or more than 1 meter;
or the distance beween you and the car in the road perpendicular to you is equal to or more than 1 meter then move forward. Otherwise stay still." If this law is followed by everyone meticulously then the traffic clearance will be faster. And the people will have peace of mind till the traffic policeman arrives back from the tea shop !!
Another thing is the queues in important govt. organisations. I had to face this problem once. At that place there was separate queues for general, ladies and govt. officials. I stood in the govt. officials queue though I am a PSU (semi-government organisation) employee. I was able to get my job done without anybody asking questions.
For other queues, passing the time by reading papers, browsing net over mobile may be the best option.
The best solution is of course is to start early. Considering that we follow IST (Indian Stretchable Time !) and general public mostly join in at stipulated time, this is the best way out.