Thursday, July 3, 2014

Adding it all up

Addition is one of the toughest to understand operation. It is easy to say "She made me angry" once. "She made me angry" twice. Does it mean taking back 10,000 dollars once. 10,000 dollars the second time. Maybe. But alas, we have no precise instrument to say anger was same on both the occassions. Our health improves. Or falls down. And even precise apps cannot be sure of anger measurement.
Music is a fine way of addition. The double. The four times. But music is a Hindu invention and many countries may  not agree with it. Powerful countries will say we have digital technology and music invention claim will be only detrimental to Hindus. Such type of discussions do come up in people's lives and one is expected to answer. You are considered unsmart if you say there are higher authorities handling such discussions.
ASCII pattern matching for addition is an accepted UN strategy for addition. Alas, UNICODE characters are tough to deal with by most softwares. ASCII pattern matching cannot be called addition of emotions. No way. It is an addition based on education.
Even the greatest mathematician Fourier needed food for energy. He cooked grains suitably in fire and ate only after that. He made this a circular habit and invented another method of addition. Circle repetitions.
These are my thoughts on addition. But hey, what is zero ?

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