Monday, March 31, 2014

A Sensible Vote

Elections are around the corner. Next week onwards, voting for the next parliament will be held all over the country on different dates.
First of all, one must vote. There should not be any excuses. NOTA option is there. NOTA which stands for None Of The Above, can be chosen when one is unhappy with election process or some other reason. Even if you do not have faith in democracy, still you must go for vote and select NOTA.
If you are a good citizen of India, then you must be having this question in mind. Whom to vote? A good candidate or a good party? Normally a good candidate is selected over a good party by people who have rebellious tendencies. They believe in strong philosophy of change and are willing to fight for making our nation better.
Personally, if you ask me I shall vote for social changes. Not development as being followed over the years. If we are able to improve in social values, then development will come. Improving in social thoughts is the need of the hour for India.
One should not have full square meal when there are so many hungry men in India. The least one can do is eat less. Also one must try to propogate appropriate thoughts and try to practise leadership.
Do not worry about development. Today, the world is very well connected. And there are many countries from whom we can purchase essentials. But we must have dignity and coherence. We must promise to lead a life of values.
Let us change India. Let us use our finger. Let us vote. For a meaningful life for our children and ourselves. Jai Hind !!!

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