Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tablet Games

I enjoy playing games in tablet. It relieves mental tension.
Games are like real life. If the man starts running in Temple Run, then he does not stop. Much like real Indian life. A normal Indian in Delhi does not apply brakes in road. He expects others to apply brakes while he feels he needs to keep going. Life is too short to win points. Respect others. Apply brakes for others. Allow the cat or dog to cross the road.
As far as I am concerned the only strategy for Temple Run game I can manage to think is collect gold wisely. Not necessary to collect all the coins. 2 coins from a line of 10 is good enough.
Flights are great. I like flight simulator very much. I have downloaded 3 free games in my tab. Flight Simulator extreme is fantastic for beginners. One needs patience here. This game is by Thetis Software. There is another Flight Simulator game by Unity. I have managed to collect 25 out of 30 medals in 2 Levels and have unlocked Level 3. I consider this as a great achievement.
I am good in playing Pipes game in my Windows phone. I am confident that I can be a world ranker in this particular game. I loose time due to my touch accuracy. Otherwise I am blazing fast in finishing.
Dhoom 3 is good. I have to improve my strategy to reach beyond 42,000 score.



  1. I am planning to buy an android phone, soon. I will probably install a couple of games in it. I will try the flight simulator and Pipes. Temple Run/Subway surfers, I didn't like. Thanks for your suggestions :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. You can try Pipes. You must try Free Flow. Excellent ones.
    Do not change from Windows phone to other. Why not Nokia 1320? Not much expensive when compared to 1520. Large screen too.
    Thanks, Destination Infinity.

  3. nice review of games
    its great that you unlocked reached the third stage

  4. Thanks,SM. By the way, I think blogs are best for digital world. Games, app reviews may be the best.
    I thought that flights will be suitable for me.

  5. I bought an android phone ~ Lenovo A390. It's quite nice, though I liked the Windows phone that I had earlier too. I will try the two games mentioned by you. Right now, my favorite game is Angry Birds, closely followed by Billiards.

    Destination Infinity

    1. I saw the specification of Lenovo phone. It was great.
      Yes try pipes, free flow. Good ones.
      Angry birds is not for me. Billiards I shall try.
      There are apps for router configuration too. Did not know that.