Saturday, September 15, 2012

Newspaper vendors

The other day I was wondering why the newspaper reach homes late.
I occasionally go for a walk very early in the mornings and reach the central market at about 5 am. The market is bustling with activity. The newspapers have been delivered and all the boys are busy arranging the newspapers according to the buying pattern of their clients in their area. All these start at 5 in the morning. But then by 7:30 the newspapers do not arrive at home.
I was wondering what could be the reason behind it.
I guess it is the stuff that lies between pages in a newspaper. No, not the printed article of the newspaper. But the pamphlets that are put inside the folded pages of the newspaper. The pamphlets on local restaurant, cloth dealers, music schools etc. Some local goon must be late with his bunch of material for disbursement and he must have given a dhamki to the boys that newspaper will not leave the place without his arrival.
Local ads are important. No doubt. But newspapers are not the only way for transport. How about radio for local ads? Or community notice boards? So much wastage of paper can be avoided.
A danda and a seetee is what is required. The seetee shall remind these goons of the danda that they had and will stop this dadagiri.


  1. Here, we don't get notices inside newspapers. We used to get it before many years, but not any longer. Maybe people have switched over to the other forms of advertising as mentioned by you!

    Destination Infinity

  2. OK, so that's how is it over there, is it? Hmmmm . . .