Saturday, July 28, 2018

Devas, monkeys and not so humans

Rama, Laxman and Sita stayed in a hut in forest.
It wasn't a forest life then.
So Vaali and Sugreev built palaces and stayed in them. So did many other monkeys.
Laxman saw a human Soorphanaka.
It wasn't a forest life then.
Hanuman learnt to fly. And other monkeys understood centre of gravity and began to stand.
Rama, Laxman, Sita. Hanuman, Vaali, Sugreev.
And . . . Not so humans.


  1. The centre of gravity goes back to dashrath days.
    He was standing in a river with focus on his own CG.
    He accidentally kills father of kaikeyi mistaking him for an animal.
    And the foundation of the greatest war epic was laid.

  2. Rama knew CG and broke bow to marry Sita. Sita married because of swayamvar and Janaks reputation.
    Kaikeyi thought Rama was not the greatest CG expert. She should not have.

  3. It is more of nearness of strongest and weakest than weakest alone link.
    Rama got Sita.

  4. I thought otherwise.
    But definitely the bow was not uniform.

  5. I try. I write.
    The monkeys probably crossed with vessel shaped stones and balancing.
    Lord Rama it was.

  6. Ravana burns tail of hanuman is evolution concept. I think.
    I don't wanna try.
    I got scared enough.

  7. Are you going to take photos?
    Hanuman asks.
    You stupid monkey you are a disgust to CG concept. Burn the tail.

  8. Ravana and his men could never have judged the behaviour of the legs of Shri Hanuman or the way he balanced his CG.
    Ravana knew 'yojana' something concerned with jumping strength. This is an assumption.
    He burnt the tail assuming perhaps 'yojana'. To find future of Lanka.
    And Lord Hanuman burnt the whole of Lanka.

  9. Ravana never knew 'yojana'. He was far too evil.
    He just questioned the existence of tail.
    This is fair.
    Whether tail is in front or back is a point joked by many women. This is the angle I shall try. For any future comments.
    This and CG.

  10. Rama was guided by supreme CG laws. To respect arthangini.
    Sita probably obeyed her swami for it was Janak who arrang3d bow breaking and Rama was her swami.
    Later Ravana did say rama should have realised complete CG and rama was unfair in bringing her to forest to maids of sita in lanka.

  11. Sita saw vayu putting underwear to hanuman.
    Sita undresses. Showing all her complete womanhood to her swami.

  12. It was first time for Sita the princess.

  13. Scone is what is called as cup cakes in India.
    The UN army are wise to put nilgiris tea in all tea bags. For colour.

  14. Kumbakonam degree coffee is a pleasure meant once in three months.
    You need the two vessels apparatus. One above the other. The top vessel has holes in them. You put roasted coffee beans powder of Coorg and boiling hot water in the top vessel.
    In three hours time you get coffee decotion in the lower vessel.
    Decotion, hot cow milk and sugar to make 200 ml will be just right.
    Possibly 3 days together and once in 6 months.

  15. 500 gms coffee once in 3 months.
    Chicken patties should be fine with it.

  16. There's kumbhakarna my favourite who sleeps for six months and remain awake for 6 months.

  17. Then the mayavi meghnad who is pretty fearful. He is magic.

  18. Rama liked woman of sita a lot.
    Hanuman drops underwear as he remembered his own ancestors.

  19. Sita had beautiful curves. It may have been tough for a normal CG man. But Purushottam dared and felt the curves. He cared for the holes that he could see and Sita could possibly.
    It was soft beyond any experience. He allowed himself.
    Hanuman closes eyes and offers namaste. He forgot the underwear incident. He offers kshama.

  20. Kumbhakarna slept for some time. Woke up for some time. And in his awake period he just kept eating.
    Meghnad could see that Kumbhakarna is about to wake up.
    He did the maya on sita that night.

  21. Ravana believed in Ram. Ravana believed in sita. Ravana believed in hanuman. Ravana believed in meghnad. Ravana believed in Kumbhakarna. Ravana believed in himself.
    And he wanted no harm.
    But alas not possible with maya.

  22. I am shiva. Doppler sound.
    Ta ta ta. Ta ta. Ta.